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Derived from Greek Mythology, a “Labyrinth” was a huge maze constructed for King Minos in Crete by Daedalus to contain the Minotaur.

Labyrinth is a D.I.Y. motivated company established in New Jersey, which aims to provide high quality and affordably priced clothing to creative and unique thinkers. The company was created in 2006 by myself and a friend (while we were in high school) with the goal of assisting friends in local bands as well as others with their graphic design needs, from logos to band merchandise and more. As a promotional measure, we drew up three designs and printed them on t-shirts (which looking back on, were a mess), and with the support of friends and others, all of the tees we printed were (surprisingly) well received and sold out in a short period of time. After the unexpected success of the company’s promotional shirts, Labyrinth officially became a clothing company and we started exclusively designing and hand printing each tee ourselves and selling tees at local shows and eventually opened up an online store. After a year or so, my friend decided to leave the company up to me and since then, I have taken the creative control over all aspects of Labyrinth. Due to the wide variety of styles and subject matter that were previously represented, I felt a need to re-focus and re-brand Labyrinth with a cohesive direction in 2009. Since then, Labyrinth has launched an assortment of clothing products and has continued to grow under the influence of the idea that Life is a Labyrinth. The tagline "Life is a Labyrinth" serves to illustrate the complexities we all encounter throughout life and the uncertainties that we all explore. Most of the subject matter that is represented throughout Labyrinth's products focus in on three specific themes, Cycles, Senses, and Ancient Civilizations to depict pieces of the Labyrinth that we call life. Since 2006, Labyrinth has grown in many ways and continues to expand nationally and internationally. Labyrinth truly exists as an artistic channel for my own creative endeavors as a graphic designer and I hope you can see that Labyrinth has a lot to offer with stories behind each product.

I appreciate your interest in Labyrinth immensely. Labyrinth has a lot to offer and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
Life is a Labyrinth, where will yours take you?