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Mike Falzone

Stratford, CT | DFTBA Records
Part comedian, part musician, Mike Falzone started out as one of the first Labyrinth supporters in the early days of myspace. Since then, Mike has grown in enormous ways. From his hilarious and informative youtube videos to his amazing music, Mike has found a way to uniquely let his voice be heard and warm the hearts of the masses. Recently, Mike has also become the host of the entertaining #TweetTaps on waywire and continues to impress us all. With over 5 million views and counting, Mike has also written his own book, "Never Stop Shutting Up" and is now a routine preforming artist at youtube's own Playlist live. Do yourself a favor and check out Mikes music and videos.


NJ / NY | Deep Elm Records, IntheClouds Records
Hailing from NJ/NY, Athletics is an ambient/post-rock band that has been creating some of the most talented and original music. Their latest self released LP, "Who You Are is Not Enough" is one amazing movement split into five parts. With each song flowing into the next so naturally, WYAINE keeps you wanting to hear more and more and easily manages to tell an emotional story. Athletics is an amazingly talented band that continues to grow musically and if you like post-rock or ambient music, you will definitely love Athletics.

You Blew It!

Orlando, Florida | Topshelf Records
Sharing the stage with legends, The Get Up Kids and the ever so popular Motion City Soundtrack, these Taco Bell inhaling dudes from Orlando are the epitome of 90's emo, indie rock, and punk blended together to make their own unique sound. A perfect blend of melodic guitars and sonically distingushing vocals puts You Blew It! in their own category of awesomeness.

With four releases under their belts, YBI has naturally grown into their distinctive sound with each release. Their latest full-length, "Grow up, Dude" has been awarded rave reviews and is definitely worth a listen. Check You Blew It! out, you won't be sorry.